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Cherry blossoms in spring, Chureito pagoda and Fuji mountain in
Cherry blossoms in spring, Chureito pagoda and Fuji mountain at
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Japan Career Create Myanmar Co.,Ltd.

Japan Career Create Myanmar Co., Ltd was established by Ms Phyo Thida Soe in 5th, June 2020 and License No.125839800. She lead the company for business to success and to become a good company in Myanmar. From the beginning of the business, we only operators General services, later, run the Japan Carrer Create Myanmar Overseas Employment Agency under the Ministry of Labour. On the other hand we have the Authorized JCC Japanese Language and Training Center a branch of Japan Carrer Create Myanmar is to helping for Myanmar workers to find better jobs (General Worker, Technicians) and other General services.

JAPAN CAREER CREATE MYANMAR COMPANY LTD is a company that has a Code of Conduct for the rules to be followed regarding overseas employment. Overseas Employment Agency License No. -061/2023 is responsible for planning and arranging services for those who want to work in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and Japan. In particular, we help young people who want to work in Japan with technical visas and trainee labor visas to learn to speak and read Japanese fluently, and work diligently to arrange employment opportunities with full responsibility and accountabiliy.


Our Company (JAPAN CAREER CREATE MYANMAR COMPANY LTD) must be an agency that provides the best service to our international partnersthen we deliver the best service or our employees through international operations.


My name is Phyo Thida Soe and I am the representative. I have been involved in the study and employment of Myanmar people in Japan both domestically and internationally.

At JCCM, by consistently conducting local education and introduction to Japan We introduce excellent and motivated human resources to schools and companies while preventing trouble and reducting the financial burden on international students and technical interns.

Myanmar and Japan in the future We will devote ourselves to becoming a bridge to the future.


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Japan Career Create Myanmar Co., Ltd. has found and introduced many good jobs for those who want to work foreign countries in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, such as factory jobs, construction jobs, agricultural jobs, Elderly health care activities, food manufacturing industries, hotel service businesses, restaurant businesses, liverstock businesses are searched and arranged, Japan Career Create Myanmar Co., Ltd (Overseas Employment Agency) is also committed to providing many foreign employment opportunities to Myanmar nationals/citizens and young people have many good job opportunities abroad and good wages. We are working hard to learn and acquire high-salary technologies.

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